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What is Quali?

Quali uses multiple lead generation sources to find thousands of buyers and sellers. Our concierge team then nurture and support, making sure consumers are correctly qualified. Only when they are ready to go and view homes or potentially sell their home we will then transfer them over to the appropriate real estate agent.

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About Us

Originally founded by CEO, James George (Carlsbad, San Diego) and CTO Ryan Wong (Toronto, Canada). Quali is a real estate lead generation company generating leads across the USA. James and Ryan originally wanted to help real estate agents grow their business for no upfront cost, but soon realized the demand for leads across the real estate industry. Originally started in San Diego, California. Quali is quickly growing across the country and helping Realtors, Loan Officers, Home Insurance Agents, Title, Escrow, Termite Inspectors and so many more real estate professionals grow their business.